Drop Shadow


A Compilation of Transformative

Near-Death Experiences.

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Some die,

and live to

tell the tale...

Dive into the extraordinary realm of 'Death,' a compelling compilation of life-altering near-death experiences (NDEs), penned by fourteen remarkable authors.

In this riveting anthology, each author invites you on an intimate journey beyond the veil, sharing profound insights gained from their encounters with death.

From ethereal tunnels to celestial landscapes, these narratives weave a tapestry of transformation, offering glimpses into the transcendent wisdom that emerges from the brink of mortality.

Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and forever changed by these gripping tales of profound awakening and the enduring power of the human spirit.

Are you afraid of dying?

Many people live with a conscious or unconscious fear of death.

This affects not only their belief systems but their way of life.

In this book - Death - you will discover new perspectives of what it really means to die.

What happens when we die?

Where do we go?

Is there a God in heaven waiting for us?

Do we get judged for our sins?

Who decides if we go to Heaven or Hell?

Is there a Heaven or Hell?

All these questions and more will be answered by a group of amazing people who have actually died, and came back to tell all...


Meet Our Authors & Organizers...

About Ameera May

Ameera has a passion and purpose deeply rooted in near-death experiences which was ignited as a result of experiencing the passing of her grandfather, ten years ago.

She has since dedicated her life to seeking Divine knowledge and truth through near-death experiences and sharing it with others.

Ameera is a loving mother, daughter, sister and friend who demonstrates her love and connection with the Divine through her example. Her mission is to teach empowerment through connection with the Divine to overcome challenges and live a life of alignment.

About El Serumaga

El survived an unsurvivable situation with a less than 1% chance of survival.

She is a spiritual person, who loves science and her NDE inspired her to pursue a path as a Genetic Doctor of Osteopathic medicine.

She believes we were created with the ability to heal and improve our bodies to overcome environmental issues which damage or change our DNA. She feels called to share her amazing story in order to help empower others spiritually and holistically.

El is a loving mother and sister, a loyal, and dedicated friend.

About Michael Mahood

Michael Mahood is an artist whose creative odyssey began after his near-death experience on September 11, 2021.

His paintings are inspired by the ethereal, vivid dreams, possibly glimpses of past lives and prophecies.

Michael is passionate about capturing the essence of what he sees in his art for all to ponder and experience for themselves.

He is kind and compassionate and a caring friend to all.

About Kathryn Annis

Kathryn Annis has mastered turning her pain and experience into passion and purpose.

She is a loyal and loving friend, compassionate and patient.

She is passionate about helping others navigate through grief, as well as mentally and emotionally intense situations.

Her love for improving the lives of others shine through everything she does.

Her story highlights how her NDE as a teenager helped healed her trauma and put her on the path she is today.

About Reed Moores

Reed Moores is a 39 year old stagehand technician who had a near-death experience in 2014. He has a passion and talent for cooking and creating art with food.

He is a caring friend and loves spending time with his friends and family.

He enjoys travelling the world, the great outdoors as well as the thrill of sports.

Reed is passionate about sharing profound truth and knowledge that can help, heal and profoundly improve people's lives.

About Sharon Milliman

Sharon Milliman was born in Ohio.

She has two daughters and lives in West Virginia with her husband.

After working in banking for 15 years she retired and became involved with the foster care program and has volunteered at hospitals and churches, and is always giving back to her community .She has spent several years as a home health caregiver, caring for her aged parents until their recent passing.

Sharon is a selfless, caring, loving, nurturing, friend, mother, wife, daughter and human. Her plans are to continue her work to promote God’s unconditional love to a hurting world.

About Keshia Greene

Born and raised in a small town, Keshia's journey has been anything but ordinary. From a young age, she faced numerous challenges that could have easily deterred her spirit. However, it was through these trials that she discovered her unwavering determination to make a difference in the lives of others, touching their hearts and igniting a fire within them to embrace their own individuality.

Expressing her raw emotions, Keshia's words have the power to heal wounds, mend broken hearts, transform lives, inspire action, and to create a ripple effect of positivity

About Susan Walter

Susan is an Intuitive Visionary Artist.

After near death experiences as a child Susan was given the ability to see into the Angelic Realms allowing her to see the angels in their pure light form. She uses this ability to help other connect with their angels by drawing Angel Portraits and relay messages and insights from angels.

She also creates healing art with a conscious heart from her visions during meditation. This is her way of connecting with the divine and she has a passion for assisting humanity to do the same.

About Sharon Sananda

Sharon had two near-death experiences that brought her face-to-face with Jesus and began her profound healing journey.

She unlocked a deep connection to her gifts and unique abilities as a Psychic-Medium, Ordained Minister & Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Channel, and Hypnotherapist.

She uses her gifts and abilities to remind others of the eternal nature of our soul and the irrefutable truth that Love is the only thing that is real.

She is a loving teacher, a dedicated healer and her passion for helping, healing and loving is evident in all that she does.

About Philip Siracusa

Philip Siracusa was born and raised on Staten Island, New York and comes from a family of 8.

He now lives in Easton Pennsylvania with his wife and four boys.

Phil’s passion is helping others get through their physical journey during a transition of love and happiness.

He is a kind and generous friend, a loving husband and father and his love for helping humanity is evident in his life and work.

Philip's near death experience has taught him the true meaning of life

About Gianina Sabău Popovici

Gianina has been a French and English teacher for 20 years working in both the private and the state system.

She experienced a spiritual Near-Death Experience during her ten day coma following a brain tumor surgery removal.

She is the author of the Romanian best selling novel 'The Kiss of Death'.

She is a dedicated teacher, a loving mother and wife and she is passionate about sharing her profound experiences with the intention of helping others.

About Jennifer Dean

Jennifer is a former Pathology Assistant, Pediatric Reiki Nurse, Spiritual Doula and Magdalene Rose Priestess. She is a childhood Near-Death Experiencer and Pediatric Cancer Survivor but most of all, a proud mommy to her son Declan.

She had a Near-Death Experience at 14 years old due to a severe adverse effect of a chemotherapy being used to treat her cancer. She slipped into a vegetative state and the prognosis was very grim.

Doctors said it was a miracle and ever since that experience, she processes the world around her in a different way and her intuitive abilities blossomed.

About Steven Noack

At a very young age Steve was struck by a motor vehicle and this event bio electrically connected him to the quantum field.

Steve’s gift enables him to stimulate emotional and physical healing from any distance through quantum entanglement and photonics.

Steve began using his gifts to give back to humanity by first studying Usui Reiki over ten years ago and has only grown from there.

During Steve’s near death experience he experienced sitting with a being comprised solely of light.

About Megan Brown

Megan is an accomplished author with a diverse background that includes Catholicism, atheism, and three life-altering near-death experiences.

Megan offers a unique perspective on spirituality, the afterlife, and personal growth. Megan offers her intuitive gifts through psychic readings. With her deep spiritual connection and empathic abilities, Megan provides guidance and clarity to those seeking answers and insight. Whether through her captivating writings, engaging podcast, or personal readings, Megan invites readers and listeners to embark on a transformative journey of self discovery and spiritual awakening.

About David Suich

David Suich is a retired engineer and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Steps of Hope Outreach, a small nonprofit organization that serves orphanages in Nepal and Mexico. He has been researching near death experiences since 2007 and has written the book "God Took My Clothes", which summarizes the lessons learned from those who have died, seen the afterlife, and returned.

What readers are saying about 'Death'...

"So worth the read!!

I can't wait to get copies for everyone."

"Each story is unique and beautiful. I learned so much from reading this.

I already pre-ordered my copy."

"This was mindbendingly beautiful. So many of my 'existential' questions were answered.

I'm excited to read more."

Drop Shadow


A Compilation of Transformative

Near-Death Experiences.

Now Available on Amazon!

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